How not to write an affiliate recruitment email.


Every now and again we get an affiliate outreach email to our email, usually nothing to shout about, but the one I received last weekend stood out so much that it just shouted out for attention, it was that bad.

It was the ultimate blue print of how not to write an affiliate recruitment email.

Firstly though what did it do right;

  1. It gave a brief and clear break down of the offer
  2. It was short.

Yes that’s about it, so what did it do wrong;

  1. Targeting. If you’re going to send an email to someone in the hope or expectation that they will be interested in the content, then the first order of business is to ensure that the person you are emailing is actually going to have the slightest interest. No point sending an email about selling Business Coaching, to a company that doesn’t have any such content on their site.
  2. No Reply. Seriously, yes this email was sent from a NoReply@Domain email address. Wow. Better hope that no one has any questions about the program. Why would anyone send a “Outreach” email, that doesn’t promote communication!
  3. “Dear Chris”, nope,  not even a Dear or Hi, nothing, no attempt to personalize the email in any way, if you want a glimmer of a chance of getting someones attention at least start with their name!
  4. No Sign up link, so assuming I was stunned into interest by the lack of targeting and zero personal approach, there wasn’t even a link to sign up to the program directly. There was a link to the web site, and a link to the network….but no click here to sign up, going to a sign up page. I was starting to get the feeling that this was some kind of endurance test, how many hurdles do I need to jump to sign up.
  5. Error in URL. Okay, the occasional spelling error, fine we all make those when we’re typing faster than we’re thinking, but an error in your URL! Unforgivable! www, is not going to get me anywhere…another hurdle in the way of my desperate attempt to sign up!
  6. Three times in one day. Yes we all understand the “7 times to get a consumers attention concept” but last I checked it didn’t involve sending the same email (with the same issues) three times in one day.

These errors can be nicely summarized and corrected as follows.

Make sure your affiliate recruitment emails;

  1. are targeted
  2. promote communication
  3. are personalized
  4. have links to more information
  5. are error free
  6. are not spammed out multiple times in one day.

It’s not hard and there are number of  articles and forum discussions around that go into detail about how to put together a good affiliate recruitment email. Here are a few we’d recommend taking a look at ;