Meet the Team

The following are the management team at AMWSO.

Lead Managers

Chris Sanderson

staff_profile_chris_bigChris Sanderson is an active and respected member of the affiliate marketing community. He is responsible for the strategic planning, consulting, and launch of the majority of AMWSO’s clients. Chris also provides the “hands on” management of Each Buyer, South Beach Smoke and Eversmoke. Chris has been a LinkShare Golden Links finalist on two occasions and our clients have been a finalist a total of 9 times in 4 years in 7 different categories with 2 awards won.

Support Staff


  • Chalisa Yothanan (Tu)
  • Anchana Praphiphong (Ann)
  • Yuji Jiraporn (Yui)
  • Jonathan Taylor

John Credington

staff_profile_example_bigJohn has been a resident of Thailand for the past 16 years, initially coming to Thailand to take up an English teaching position in Bangkok, after a short spell in the classroom John was seconded to the Corporate Division to develop business English classes. During his time in the Corporate Division John met Chris Sanderson and there long friendship continues to this day. John again joined Chris some years later at as Customer Relations Manager, moving again within the company to the Affiliate Marketing division in 2003. John has worked on many projects within the affiliate marketing division with special interest in ethical practices.

Patrick GoodFellow

staff_profile_patrick_bigPatrick, 35 years old, left the UK in 1996 to do the ’round-the-world’ thing for a year, landed in Thailand and never left! Patrick was one of the first affiliate managers to join AMWSO back in 2002. He has worked on mostly with jewelry and fashion focused sites and has built up a great deal of expertise within these two sectors.

Being the father of a 5 year old mixed (Thai/English) daughter, and working with Chris doesn’t leave much spare time. When he does have an idle hour or two he likes to dabble in electronic music production.

James Nardell

staff_profile_james_bigThere are 3 words that James lives by:

1. Consistency. 2. Stability. 3. Performance.

James is seasoned in; affiliate marketing, web/digital strategy, search engine marketing, online marketing and eCommerce. Over the past 8 years James has specialized in affiliate program management, paid search marketing [SEM/PPC], natural/organic search marketing [SEO], Pay Per Call, Lead Generation and business development for clients. James is always looking to build rich and deep relationships with strategic partners, and explore new opportunities.

ROI/ROAS is always the focus.

He has been in the affiliate marketing space both as an affiliate, as well as an affiliate manager, since 2003 and has established many relationships in the affiliate and search industry.

James is currently responsible for growing the affiliate marketing channel for; Paychex and iolo Technologies. [Previous clients have included; Gaiam, Panda Security, Waterfront Media, Shopster, BluePenguin Software, MagsForLess, Laptops For Less and Real Subliminal].

He holds an honor Bachelor’s degree in Business Studies from UWE, Bristol. When he’s not in the office/sitting in front of his PC he loves; working out, shooting, scuba diving, chess, cinema, and cooking.

Richard Reitman

staff_profile_richard_bigRichard has been with AMWSO since 2002, the second longest of our team and has lived in Thailand since the mid 80′s. He brings a wealth of knowledge having started as an affiliate in 1998 and has been involved with affiliate management since 1999 previously working with Planet Holiday ( now, Hotel Travel and as a consultant with Kowabunga. His current programs range from Jewerly to Skin care and Medical. He has worked with a wide range of merchants on CJ, LS, SAS, and IA and in house programs dealing ranging from; gems, jewelry, hotel bookings, website hosting and gambling sites.

Richard has travelled extensively throughout Asia in the past 32 years and his interest range from Photography to travel and loves living on Phuket island

Harry Kumar

staff_profile_harry_bigHarry is an Economics graduate from Christ University. With over 15 years of total experience both in Offline and Online Marketing. Harry has been working as the Affiliate Manager since 2004.Harry is managing Chaparral Motorsports Affiliate Program,

Harry lives with his Wife and 1 & half year old son, During his spare time Harry likes to ride his Motorcycle, listen to music and play cricket.

Overall Harry could be described as a fun, outgoing individual with a unquenchable thirst for knowledge.

Harry kumar – Affiliate Manager

Passion : Riding Motorcycle, Music, Cricket
Favorite Drink: Jack Daniels
Favorite Food: Tandoori Chicken

Michel Gerard

staff_profile_michel_bigMichel Gerard, a 48 years old French living in Thailand since 1994, has been involved in Internet Marketing for around 12 years. His expertise in IT ranges from website creation, SEO, Blogging, Social Media and affiliate marketing. As an affiliate in many programmes throughout the years he has managed to learn the ropes of Internet marketing using different methods.

He naturally became involved with AMWSO in 2007 assisting managers in their programmes the first few months and with that new found experience expertise began managing his own affiliate programs back in January 2009.

During his free time Michel likes to travel throughout Thailand, read books, surf the Internet and blog.

He has in the past worked in different areas like the movie and TV industry and has published a book.

Dave Oliver

staff_profile_davel_bigPrior to jumping into the performance marketing industry over 5 years ago, Dave had spent the majority of his career in the telecommunications industry in the United States doing product management, sales support and telecom performance analysis.

Seeking a change, he found himself in Thailand working with the AMWSO crew. Applying his technical and business experience Dave has been able to manage a wide breadth of programs ranging from fashion and clothing to web and business services. Dave splits his time now between his home on the east coast of the US and Bangkok Thailand. He still maintains his affinity for the high-tech industry and is learning how to code in Python (and to apply these skills for his clients).