What’s new in Affiliate Marketing at AMWSO.

Luxe Designs

It’s been a while since we posted an updated, and with lots happening over the past month I decided it was about time I posted a brief note.

So, kicking off this month we welcome a new member to the team, Colin Healy a long time member of the affiliate marketing community, and pretty much a lifetime member over at ABW. Colin has joined AMWSO.net and he’ll be taking on the Bodyfactory.com affiliate program. We’ll have updates there very soon along with new product videos, best seller information and insights into seasonal sellers.

We’ve also seen the launch of a number of other projects over the past couple of months. Luxe Design, a jewelry design firm that lets you create your own personalized, meaningful jewelry by adding words, names or personal sayings to our unique selection of customizable charms, as well as their totally unique cat and dog nose impression Jewelry! We have a number of promotions on going with Luxe for affiliates including sales target bonuses and custom coupons! If you’re not yet signed up, then please check out the program information here.

On the B2B side of affiliate marketing we have been working with EPPS, a firm that specializes in ISO Standards. Helping companies and professionals with ISO standards and other frameworks. This program offers both lead gen and sales based revenue opportunities in an area that is very much an level playing field for affiliates to get in on, so please do check out what they offer on their affiliate program.

Early in June we’ll have a couple of new projects launching. The most exciting one is a project being launched by our China Affiliate Marketing team. Maige TV will be launching with us in both China and Australia. MaigeTV.com targets Chinese speaking expats in APAC as well as locals in Mainland China. It’s a great product, and while a little more expensive than competitors it has far more channels, and rather importantly an easy to reach customer support team! We look forward to seeing that live by early June in China and then in Australia a week or two after that.