What a week….


Well for anyone who missed the fun it was a bit of a chaotic week atLinkShare, to cut a long story short though. Still validation problems, which meant people couldn’t get paid, people from a range of countries were terminated due to being from coutries with high fraud or listed by the US government as “not nice people”, some people got validated but had the wrong payment name listed so now get checks to a name they can’t cash and then finally LinkShare decided it would pay everyone anyway as the system was still buggy and driving a fair few people up the wall… teething problems for sure…if that was too short a version then click through to ABW for the full blow by blow.

But anyway after a week of more posts on LinkShare based forums than anyone had seen in the past 6 months things cooled down a lot with that final annoucment that everyone would be getting paid and didn’t need to validate themselves just yet.

Meanwhile over on ShareAsale Brian has snuck out the release of another neat little tool for affiliates, the “Return Days Analysis” tool which allows affiliates to track exactly how long it took for a purchase to take place after the cookie was first created…pretty darned neat Brian!

Over at CJ it’s been a week of “what is a parasite” as Buy.com move from LinkShare to Commission Junction , declared that they had terminated any relationships with parasitic publishers and promptly got nailed for that in rather short order

At AMWSO we’ve been busy releasing a new Beta Version of the Data Cleaner, this version 2.6 has a bunch of tweaks and additions in it to make it easier to use. We’ve also hooked up with Century Inc to run their affiliate programs on CJ and ShareAsale. And we’re waiting the grand release ofMondera’s new jewelry deals focused site onto the affiliate program, last tracking tests are being done now.

Exploring a couple of new clients in the software and jewelry industries, more on that as we see it develop. Just two more weeks before the US Embassy takes my $100 and says “No!” , good affiliate program that would make, “paid not to convert”. So I wonder what law I can break to get required to go to the USA and get around this whole Visa issue.

… all that and it’s only just Wednesday.