Vancouver Affiliate Meet Up


This will be my third trip to Canada and the 4th Annual Networking Dinner is on at the same time again, great timing there Ian. It’s strange to think that for first few years working in affiliate marketing I met no one from the business, not one. And then when I attended the Vancouver Networking Dinner for the first time it was stunning to find some many people in one location speaking about the affiliate business, from all kinds of backgrounds too!

This years event looks like being the biggest yet and we’ll have theWestern Union team as our guests too. Brian from Shareasale looks set to roll in , as do a good number of ABW folks that I have worked with for years and never met! That will be awesome!

For anyone in the area who’d like to attend but is short of a few dollars, let me know we’re sponsoring 10 tickets to the event. Just drop me a mail, comment or post on ABW and I’ll be more than happy to grab you a ticket.

I’ll personally be looking for anyone with the insider news on how to skip over the border into the USA…. or has a large boot on their car :-)