Valentines Day for Affiliates


Next to Christmas, Valentine’s Day is one of the biggest shopping holidays of the year. Close to a billion dollars will be spent for Valentine’s day, and affiliates are in an excellent position to grab a piece of the pie. Most of the shopping is done the week prior to the 14th of February, with another surge occurring just a couple days before the day as shoppers search for those last minute ideas and gifts.

The expected usual suspects: jewelry, flowers, chocolate and other gifts are the hottest items for the Valentine’s Holiday.  Thankfully, most respective merchants have affiliate programs in all of these niches.  Men average over $100 spending for the holiday, with woman averaging just over $50. While it’s true that many people are actually turned off by the commercialization of this day, 30% of people surveyed by the NPD Group appreciate the romance of the day, and 8% are pressured into making a purchase, “so they don’t get into trouble.”

Jewelry and the like will be the most promoted items, however do consider that women might also be making purchases for men. Also consider, once people are prompted into a “buying mood”, anything might get purchased for anyone, including purchases for oneself!  According to Google checkout, 50% of people shopping for Valentine’s Day make multiple purchases.  According to the National Retail Federation, 22.4 percent of men and 7.3 percent of women plan to purchase jewelry.

AMWSO runs several jewelry and fashion programs that are positioned well for the Valentine’s holiday. We’ve set up a special Valentine’s Day Affiliate Programs page to highlight the specials, deals and offers that are being promoted just for Valentine’s Day.

This is really the last gift giving holiday until Mother’s Day in the USA (although some people gift for Easter), so gear up, get those banners, links, promotions and coupons posted!