US Bank Visa Not Allowing Internet Purchases


Lee Odden over at his Online Marketing Blog has related a story where a major bank isĀ not allowing purchases made with it’s credit card over the internet. It’s not as if affiliates have enough factors getting in the way of them earning their rightful commissions. Factors including cookie blocking, parasiteware, cookie stuffers, failed tracking and other factors. However, now if credit card companies force consumers to call a company to complete an online transaction, this will certainly have an impact on affiliate sales.

Affiliates and the major affiliate networks need to be aware of this, and keep an eye on the trend. US Bank is not small, and it’s a pretty narrow view they are taking in the name of “security.” I certainly hope they start to see the light as they lose consumers and transactions as consumers reject this inconvenience, as Lee had done.

Just to note, I tried to contact the PR team listed on the US Bank web site for a comment and response, and sent emails to Steve Dale, Teri Charest, Amy Frantti, and Lisa Clark, but did not receive any replies.