Trademark Policy

Trademark Policy: requires that all affiliates wishing to market products do so in a manner which respects the intellectual property of and any and all other entities, both inside and outside the Skincare/Cosmetics vertical. More specifically GreatSkin will not tolerate the infringement of trademarks for the purposes of marketing GreatSkin products. Any affiliate who is suspected to be in breach of any trademarks will be terminated indefinitely from the affiliate program.

PPC Biding:

Affiliates are prohibited from bidding on the words/phrases; GreatSkin, Great skin and also our url Any other words, products we carry, or combination’s may be used in the affiliates PPC campaign.

Enforcement Policy for breach of trademark/PPC policy:

1st offense - Warning and/or immediate termination.

2nd offense (or continuing 1st offense) – Termination from program.

Please contact us, affiliate /at/ if you require any further clarification on the above policy.