Time for the AMAB!!


It’s that time of year again, big sales are ready to start coming in through the affiliate marketing channel and everyone is worrying about who is going to “Do over!” who, and of course no one has anyone to turn to and ask “Did they really do me over?”

So yet again affiliates are going to be facing off against affiliates, against merchants, against networks, and merchants against networks and affiliates and the networks will all just be happy if they can get through Christmas without any “tracking has failed” / “Server down” issues… Yes tis the season of love thy neighbor as long as sales are “in line with what I expected”.

Of course on top of this everyone is also watching and waiting for google to through in a spanner and make it all a moot point anyway.

But back on track, what do you do when you’re 110% sure that a merchant has not tracked, where do you go to find out what’s what and what are your final options.

Certainly for many people Abestweb has been the ultimate resource since time began, for both merchants and affiliates in need of alerts, resources and background info. But ultimately ABW is a community forum and not (as such) a force that can set defined industry standards. Though it has been (and remains) one of the only locations that can demand change and accountability, it has brought about a lot change in the industry through peer pressure through the years.

Many people have discussed the creation of a “Affiliate Marketing Advertising Board” or the like, and ultimately each one has failed due to lack of planning or lack of trust (a lot of the later). So it’s with great interest I see another motion kicked off to get things up and running.

So lets get the killer question out of the way :

If the industry right now can not come to an agreement on whether running consumer end software against a merchants domain is adding value or stealing value then how do we get merchants, managers, affiliates and networks to agree to stand by any decision that is made by the organization?

Maybe my question trivializes the idea, but this has been a question that has been discussed since before I got into affiliate marketing and despite numerous meetings, discussions, rules and concepts… It’s still not a point everyone agrees on…. without agreement and enforceable “rules” there’s no “next step”

I certainly welcome the opportunity to participate and I hope the new initiative can succeed in the areas where all others have failed.