Tied to your desk.


I just had a great conference session with James Martell and the focus was about affiliate marketing and travel.

I think one of the big draws of affiliate marketing, or any Internet based business really, is that you can do it from home, free yourself up from travel to the office, live a better lifestyle… but the reality is that many of us become just as tied to our desks now as we did when we had to go to the office to work. Heads down 7 days a week, we barely take note of where we are or what we could … should… be doing.

If the Internet is our place of work, and our laptops our desk then we should all be trying to take our desks outside, away, far far away, hit the beach, the pool, where ever and start living a little of the lifestyle we planned, but didn’t do.

I’m as guilty as everyone else on this, but I wonder how many people do manage to get out and do work where ever they lay their hat.

So here’s my challenge for everyone, start working away from your “home” , head to a local pool with wifi, a cafe, library, where ever, experience working “out of the office” and then once you’ve overcome that nervous first step, see how far you can take your desk, and live a little of that lifestyle we should all be enjoying :-)