The Five Best things in 2013


Not in order and, not all related to affiliate marketing, some things were just unbeatable no matter what they were compared to!

The AMWSO Site Got Exploited : A good thing I hear you say! Yes a good thing, because it finally forced me to get the site updated. The old site had done us proud for 5 or 6 years, but it was getting a bit dated. The change was forced on us due to some one exploiting our wild card setup for the sub domain settings, causing our site to suddenly replicate itself masses of times and for Google to pretty much remove the site from existence. So had to go and was born.

New Tools and New Networks : 2013 started off pretty quiet, mainly due to our site getting no traffic, no leads and not much new business. That changed when the site changed and suddenly I was looking back on the first half of 2013 with some amount of nostalgia. Lazy days of getting up late and going to be early were suddenly rather short in number! What was great though was the opportunity we have had to work with a range of new networks and tools. Sorry if I miss anyone but the ones that really stood out for me in 2013 were : Impact Radius, Avant Link, Web Gains, Commission Factory, on the tool front Shareist, and blog wise posts from the SAS Team, Geno and Adam.

Going Multilingual : Since the early days with Web Studio-1 before AMWSO became a stand alone business, we’d always been very proud of our ability to put together multilingual web sites long before other firms were able to. This ought to have been something that AMWSO was able to take advantage of quite easily as we progressed down the road as an affiliate management firm, but for some reason it never really happened. This year that changed as we have programs launching in a multitude of languages, and as we head into 2014, we’ll be looking to do more.

The Team : The AMWSO team is made up of a people in several countries, speaking various languages and from diverse backgrounds. The core team has been together for over 8 years now. They are dedicated hard working bunch that I too rarely praise and without whom AMWSO would not be the firm it is. At times being an affiliate manager is one heck of a hard job, but they knuckle under and get on with the work, always doing their utmost to grow our clients business and help our affiliates achieve the best possible results. Thank you!

My Family : My wife Nok who still is not 100% sure why I am up at 3 AM some nights making phone calls instead of tucked into bed, but tolerates my weird sleeping habits and shouts at me for not eating properly!  My daughter Baeng, who will eventually have to work for AMWSO, presently speaking three languages and has decided to start learning German this year too! And my son Alex, 2013 Under 11 British National Taekwondo Champion, I’d no idea how hard he trained, till I trained with him!

2013 wasn’t a bad year, and 2014 is going to be better.

Happy New Year.

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