International Merchants Appealing to North American Audience

Affiliate Marketing is fairly established in the UK and Japan, and growing across Europe. Australia also has a growing affiliate marketing community. There’s tremendous affiliate activity in the Gaming/Gambling sector outside of the United States. In my last post, I wrote about how domesticmerchants can leverage their affiliate program to reach an international audience. This week, I’d like to propose that the reverse is also true. Affiliate Marketing allows for a great opportunity for international merchants to reach a customer base in the United States. Perhaps you’re a t-shirt / clothing / club ware merchant in Ibiza, Spain, or a Read More…

Performance Marketing and Travel in 2012

Two articles, one about the Thailand Tourism Department spending money to promote Thailand for weddings and honeymoons, medical tourism and golfing, the other a Forrester Research report for Rakutan that had a section about the potential in the travel space for affilaites, spurred me to write my own thoughts on Travel and Affiliates in 2012. There is a ton of opportunity for an affiliate, despite the big guys spending gobs of money, if you can move on certain niches. I discuss my throught here: Travel and Performance Marketing in 2012.