Partner Approvals from an Affiliate Program Manager Perspective

One of the key daily duties of an affiliate manager is to look through the list of affiliates that have applied to the affiliate program and either approve or deny those affiliates to the program. There are a few things you can do to help make your approval process easier and lay the groundwork for clear understanding and expectations with your affiliates. Lay out what you are looking for from an affiliate for approval on your program info page and sign-up page (if allowed). Several networks also send out an email to an affiliate upon application, and as manager, you Read More…

Commission Junction Damaging the Future of Affiliate Marketing!

If you’re an affiliate marketer or read affiliate blogs, then you must have heard that Spybot Search and Destroy is now immunizing it’s users against CJ links. Any Spybot user using this immunization feature will be lead to an error page after clicking a CJ link. No chance for a sale to be made for the affiliate, no affiliate cookie is ever set. CPA-Affiliates wrote a blog article breaking this story and Shoemoney also wrote a nice follow-up. In the comments many people call on CJ to “fight against the Spybot program” or address / correct this issue with Spybot. I suggest Read More…

Outsourced Affiliate Program Management vs.Digital Marketing Generalists

Often times companies dump setting up and running an affiliate program into the lap of their other digital marketing staff. Regardless if that staff members expertise lies with SEO, or paid search or CPM ad-buying, they are left with the task of creating an effective affiliate program. In this article I discuss hiring an outsourced affiliate program manager as an option, and the pros and cons associated with outsourced affiliate program management.

Response to a Forbes Piece of Marketing Tactics That Are “Free”

I caught this article an couple days ago in Forbes {} mentioning affiliate marketing and also Pinterest (I just wrote a post discussing affiliate marketing strategies and tactics for Pinterest. The article touches on affiliate marketing as a marketing tactic that costs almost nothing to pursue. I felt it necessary to respond in a post of my own on the idea that starting and managing a successful affiliate program is free and easy. Please take a look at my full post with more realistic thoughts on the potential costs associated with starting an affiliate program.

Performance Marketing and Travel in 2012

Two articles, one about the Thailand Tourism Department spending money to promote Thailand for weddings and honeymoons, medical tourism and golfing, the other a Forrester Research report for Rakutan that had a section about the potential in the travel space for affilaites, spurred me to write my own thoughts on Travel and Affiliates in 2012. There is a ton of opportunity for an affiliate, despite the big guys spending gobs of money, if you can move on certain niches. I discuss my throught here: Travel and Performance Marketing in 2012.