Sports Picks and Handicappers in Affiliate Marketing


Sports Picks and Handicappers in Affiliate Marketing

Sports Picks are one the most overlooked areas of sports in affiliate marketing. Event tickets, sports memorabilia, clothing and of course betting are vastly covered and yet Sports Picks, or Handicapping as it is also known, as remained a very quiet spot for affiliates. Into this space, one of the data giants of the sports industry have launched their sports picks affiliate program

If you’ve never heard of, but follow sports then it’s guaranteed that you will have seen their data, as they provide the vast majority of statistical data for publications such as USA Today, New York Times, ESPN the Magazine,, and Providing deep analysis, humorous columns, and hard-to-find stats that keep sports fans coming back for more.

On top of this the site averages 45 million visits a year, and we’re the #1 Sports Betting Industry site according to Hitwise.

Why does the site receive so much attention, well it’s pretty straight forward, They are home to the “Covers Experts”. This group of sports wagering professionals studies the numbers, statistics, and intangibles to offer customers the convenience of top-notch sports information that comes from hours of research and years of experience. And these experts are covered by The data these Experts provide is guaranteed to show a positive outcome for clients. This guarantee is backed by a “If you don’t win, you don’t pay” policy that provides clients an additional level of confidence in the product.

In short is the premier brand in the industry with a platinum level reputation

The Affiliate Program

So where do affiliates fit into all this? Quite easily. The Sports Picks Affiliate program offers a 12% commission on all picks sold on the site. With room to offer a higher commission to partners that can really drive sold converting traffic.

There is also a lead based program for sending users that sign up for the information emails.

The program is of course backed with a great array of media and tools for affiliates to use in their promotion of  This includes the following, with more on the way!

  • Landing pages for every sport
  • Fresh Data every day
  • Free picks to get consumers to test out at no risk
  • A full array of graphic creatives
  • Full Mobile Support and tracking!

And also in the pipeline

  • Daily Picks Data / RSS Feeds
  • Free Picks Data / RSS Feeds
  • Picks “by Sport: Data / RSS Feeds

Mobile Marketing!

Covers also has a great mobile product to offer: Steamwire. With Steamwire you get a free subscription for 7 days, then it auto-renews monthly for a $19.99 monthly service that delivers around-the-clock access to select Covers Experts as they do their daily research. This includes “steam” moves, situation betting sports, in-game betting opportunities and more.

It is our low barrier to entry product and actually offers great value. A lot of good information there. The app has to be downloaded from an app store (Apple or Android) but ideally we encourage folks to sign-up for the subscription through the Covers site.

Ideas for promoting

While a wide range of sites can work well when promoting sports picks, in our experience the following are the best kind of sites to develop or promote sports picks on.

  • Handicapper Reviews – Track a few handicappers (everyone offers free picks) and see how they do. Review how much information / news they have on their sites. Review their forums (if they have forums). Generally all the best handicapper services have forums to keep their clients engaged. This can give you a little edge on just the run of the mill handicapper picks reviews/ratings.
  • Sports Information and news sites. Sports betters are looking for the best and latest information as well as discussions on sports.
  • Add lots of sports news feeds to the site. Covers delivers free sports news (see here)  and also has RSS feeds for Top Stories, NFL News and Stories, NCAAF News, NBA News, NHL News and MLB News, etc. All the Covers RSS feeds can be found here.
  • Resource sites for setting up pools/contests between friends and employees. Provide sheets, ideas, etc. for someone to set-up an informal betting pool with their friends/colleagues and promote Covers to provide the professional edge. Covers actually offers a resource to help out with this here.
  • General Gambling/Gaming Tip sites.
  • Sports Ticketing and event sites. A lot of people who attend sports events like to do fun bets on the games. Offering picks side by side with event details can attract these casual betters.

You can find a great range of resources and news for your sites from the following Covers feeds

Covers FB Page

  • Betting Discussion
  • Injury News
  • Consensus Picks

Covers Twitter Page:

  • Daily Picks
  • Odds Analysis
  • Top Trends

Covers Online Community

  • Number 1 Betting Forum
  • Over 1M Visitors per Month
  • NFL, NBA, MLB Picks
  • In Game Discussions


In short sports picks can be a great product to promote on pretty much any site that talks about sports. You can get set up with a simple banner, or try and catch a visitor’s eye with free picks and then keep them coming back with fresh news from the sports feeds.

If you need more information on the Handicappers Affiliate Program then please click here to learn more

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