Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing and Optimization

Looking to increased your brand awareness and engagement? The AMWSO Partner Network can effectively leverage social networks to get your message in front of the right people. Attain maximum social media penetration by entering targeted and large sites for exposure of your brand. Attain valuable inbound hyperlinks built around the main website homepage and interior pages. Drive traffic, bookmarks, and word of mouth buzz.

What can a successful social media marketing campaign do for your Internet Marketing campaigns?:

  • Increase Brand Awareness with Brand Engagement – more pages viewed.
  • Generate Publicity, positive buzz and word of mouth.
  • Deliver high amounts of traffic to the website.
  • Convert visitors to buyers of products and services.
  • Generate strong inbound link generation which may boost organic search engine rankings over the long term.
  • Facilitate excellent ROI on internet marketing when maximum exposure is reached.

The process for developing a social media campaign:

  • Team brainstorms with the client to come up with relevant concepts.
  • Topic and concept approach finalized agreed by all.
  • Assign article copywriting to client and/or AMWSO Partner Network
  • Draft reviewed / revised if necessary
  • Client approves final copy
  • Webpage Design and Creative layout by them AMWSO Partner Network – necessary graphics and media insertions.
  • Client approves layout in final
  • Upload link-bait content to website
  • Revision instructions by AMWSO Partner Network after upload
  • Submission and Promotion by AMWSO Partner Network to Social Media News Sites, followed by submissions and tagging on StumbleUpon, and niche social media sites.
  • Tracking and reporting – traffic and link building monitoring

Campaign tracking and success:

To determine the success of the strategy we look at site traffic and user/visitor signals like increased inbound hyper-links, RSS subscriptions, email sign-ups and page views. New unique visitors translate to lasting positive impressions, word of mouth, email and link forwards, buzz and sales.

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