Shopper Expectations


Shoppers’ Great Expectations.

Baynote surveyed 1,000 U.S. online holiday shoppers following Cyber Monday, 2013, to gain insight into consumer behavior and key buying influencers across various retail channels, including physical stores, eCommerce websites, social networks, tablets and mobile devices.


While we have no details ourselves on how the AMWSO clients did with their offline sales, it was very interesting to see , where they were tracked, that US based purchases from mobile devices accounted for some 14 % of purchases during December. To top that we have actually seen an increase of purchases from mobile devices to 20% so far in January. These are sales from affiluate web sites through mobile devices, not store apps. Whether this is a case of an people doing some one off purchases on new mobile devices “just to see how it goes”, or whether it is a trend that will continue, we will certainly be interested to see.

The Baynote report and infographic covers some interesting details on how people are using, and being influenced by mobile devices when they are actually in retail stores. From personal experience, when I was buying a number of electrical devices as presents for Christmas, I walked around with my iPad on checking out reviews on everything I was looking at. While this influenced what I bought, I still bought the items offline at the store.


Also take a look at Baynote’s 4th Annual Shopping Survey Results which are now available.

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