Shareasale ads Video Support


While affiliates continue to look for ways to ad value to a merchants marketing campaign, they are often hampered by a networks limitations on what linking and tracking options are available. Most affiliates find they can only innovate as fast as their network partners allow. While video has been hot for a while and some merchants have had click trackable videoavailable for a couple of years, it’s still not easy to support directly withinmost networks. Most solutions to date have used a work around system to avoid the complications or added expense of using an affiliate networks options.

So it’s great to see Shareasale once again step into the breach andrelease a video tool set to help merchants create and deploy videos for their affiliates to use.

The present system provides a way for merchants to set up videos in Shareasale, but it looks like there will be a system to support affiliate created videos too!

Check out a demo of the system on the SAS Blog.