Seth Godin’s new ebook is ready : KNOCK KNOCK, Seth Godin’s Incomplete Guide to Building a Web Site That Works


I’m a great believer in products that say what they are so “ KNOCK KNOCK, Seth Godin’sIncomplete Guide to Building a Web Site That Works ” pretty much covers that base with no issues, plus being a great fan of Seth’s books and projects you pretty much can’t go wrong with buying this latest book, click here to grab a copy or here to visit Seth’s Blog and site.

knockIt only costs $9, I’ll be grabbing a copy this week and give you my thoughts after I have devoured it. I got hold of his last Web Building book (Big Red Fez) a fair while after it had been plublished so it’ll be nice to get this one while it is still fresh and focused on today’s Internet market.

You can also sign up and promote the book for a 50% commission, in what I believe is Seths first dabble in affiliate marketing and Seth’s affiliate program is being run on the PayLoadz affiliate network ( a pay pal specific network for downloadable products). Though calling it an Aff network is being a bit kind, as the site is very geared towards being a seller or buyer and once you’re logged in it’s not the most affiliate friendly Aff network to navigate, far better options are out there for getting affiliates to promote a product.