Search Engine Optimization

AMWSO Partnership With Digital Monopoly For SEO Services

Search engine visibility is a highly valuable asset. Your website can be leveraged to deliver targeted traffic to your business, yielding a high return. But not ranking in the major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing means that potential customers are unable to find your products or services online.

This is where SEO comes in.

Why SEO Matters

SEO (search engine optimization) involves optimizing a website to rank higher in the search engines for relevant keywords. More targeted traffic ultimately means conversions for your business with a high return on investment.

Being visible for keywords in your industry gives your business the opportunity to:

  • Sell more products
  • Increase newsletter subscribers
  • Build trust with consumers
  • Test new offers
  • Gain a competitive advantage

SEO is one area that should not be overlooked as it can give your business a significant competitive advantage online. But one common challenge for business owners is simply getting started. SEO requires strategic planning and implementation to be successful.

AMWSO is proud to be partnered with Digital Monopoly for SEO marketing services.

Whether you sell services to a local market or sell products worldwide, Digital Monopoly offers a range of comprehensive SEO services to suit your business needs.

These include:

  • Conducting a complete website audit
  • Performing market research and assessing the competition
  • Optimizing site structure for better user experience
  • Creating SEO friendly content for targeted traffic
  • Building quality backlinks to improve rankings
  • Tracking and measuring the results

SEO is a vast field that is constantly changing. Google tweaks its search algorithm hundreds of times per year to provide better results for its users. Strategies that may be effective today may be completely irrelevant the next. SEO services are a proven investment with a potential for a high return.

Delivering exceptional services is a top priority.

Aussie Web Development has intimate knowledge of the SEO industry and continues to stay on top of the latest search trends. This expertise is then leveraged to strategically formulate an SEO marketing plan that is developed specifically for your business.

More on SEO Services

If your customers are having trouble locating your site in the major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and MSN, then we can help you resolve this challenge. Working with the AMWSO Partner Network you can tap into our expertise in search engine optimization. Building up your sites placement, search relevance and ultimately targeted traffic.

Why do Search Engine Optimization?

  • The majority of clicks are going to Organic listings.
  • SEO is the most popular form of SEM.
  • SEO provides a high ROI.
  • Many people don’t go past the 1st page in the Search results.
  • Users trust the Natural results to be more relevant to their Search query.

What areas of your site design and content do we address.

  • Keyword Use
  • Competition on the Search Engines
  • SEO Friendly Content
  • URL structure and information architecture.
  • Internal linking.
  • Source code and page layout.
  • Search Engine Saturation.
  • Link Popularity Analysis.

How do we, and you, measure the success and progress of an SEO Campaign

  • Keyword Ranking.
  • Website Traffic.
  • Increase in “Share of Traffic” per keyword.
  • Increased Revenue/keyword.
  • Lower dependence on Paid Search.
  • Lowering the cost per acquisition.

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