Affiliate Support Services

Welcome to the AMWSO Extended support section. This section will grow over time to cover a range of support, opportunities and articles.

Our intention with this section of our site is to make it easy for you to find out, in one location :

  • Which AMWSO managed merchants are running a bonus offer or other special offer that you might want to participate in.
  • Which AMWSO managed merchants are running on which affiliate networks
  • What Club Offers AMWSO is offering and how you can win a free web site developed by WSO
  • What long term AMWSO campaigns are running and what can be won.
  • Our stance on Parasitic Marketing and what parasitic marketing is
  • Other special deals that AMWSO is able to offer you.
  • Other affiliate programs that are not managed by AMWSO that we believe are good to join.

Links to each of these sections is available on the left hand navigation bar.

Contact Us if you have any further questions.