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Welcome to the AMWSO Extended support section. This section will grow over time to cover a range of support, opportunities and articles.

Our intention with this section of our site is to make it easy for you to find out, in one location :

  • Which AMWSO managed merchants are running a bonus offer or other special offer that you might want to participate in.
  • Which AMWSO managed merchants are running on which affiliate networks
  • What Club Offers AMWSO is offering and how you can win a free web site developed by WSO
  • What long term AMWSO campaigns are running and what can be won.
  • Our stance on Parasitic Marketing and what parasitic marketing is
  • Other special deals that AMWSO is able to offer you.
  • Other affiliate programs that are not managed by AMWSO that we believe are good to join.

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Asian Affiliate Marketing and Management Services

Please click the following link for our US and European Affiliate Marketing services overview.

AMWSO is uniquely positioned as one of the largest outsourced affiliate program management firms focused on the US market, and yet is based in the heart of Asia. Offering our clients the opportunity to tap into the the Asian markets with a globally trusted award winning affiliate firm, that knows Asia.

Launching a brand into a foreign market can be an expensive high risk proposition. Even with market research there is no way to be sure whether your product is going to be popular or can compete with similar local products or services. Finding a way to test the market, at a low cost is essential.

Affiliate Marketing, gives you that low cost entry method. By leveraging affiliates to promote your new products to the new market you will soon get feedback, not only from overseas customers but also from professional affiliates who deal with hundreds of merchants. Affiliates are vastly under utilized resource of information with experience in working with multiple brands and retail sectors. They can, and will if asked, give very valuable feedback on what you need to do to succeed in their market.

Working on a “cost for success” basis, affiliate marketing allows you to drive a safe ROI while finding out what needs to be done to make a major launch of your product successful. Affiliate marketing can even be effective in driving consumers to surveys that you need done prior to a local product launch.

AMWSO provides support in following industry areas

  • Asian Affiliate Marketing
  • Asia General Retail Marketing
  • Asian Travel and Tourism
  • Asian Lead Generation

AMWSO Provides Affiliate Marketing and Management Services in the following regions

  • Japan
  • Mainland China
  • Greater China
  • Asia Pacific (inc Australia)
  • South East Asia
  • India

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China CPM Campaigns and Lead Generation

After our success in the US market, it is natural that we have also turned our attention to the Asian online market. However Asia is a fractured market, working in multiple languages, currencies and levels of Internet penetration that make it the most complicated market to do business in, on or offline.

Unlike the US and most of Europe, E-Commerce is not as wide spread due to a range of issues that include :

  • Lack of trust in credit card processing security
  • Lack of firm laws to govern E-Commerce
  • Lack of interest in shopping online
  • Limited Access to Internet
  • Credit Card ownership
  • Controlled Access to the Internet
  • Foreign currency controls
  • Language Issues

The issues vary from country to country and while locations such as Korea and Japan suffer from none of these issues, other nations suffer from more than a few of these challenges.

At the same time however the opportunity to gather leads in these countries for direct marketing, market research or offline sales follow ups is constantly growing as more and more people come on line. Tapping into this growing Internet population can still be a challenge for firms based outside of Asia, or with no local language capability.

If your firm is interested in tapping into China and other Asian Markets, AMWSO has the contacts and expertise to help you make an immediate impact, setting up asia lead generation campaigns, high volume CPM  campaigns, managing local payments, offering tracking solutions and ensure your campaigns are promoted to the Asian markets that you want to reach.

Contact us today to discuss how we can help you generate leads and run CPM or CPC campaigns in Asia, especially China.

Social Media Marketing and Optimization

Looking to increased your brand awareness and engagement? The AMWSO Partner Network can effectively leverage social networks to get your message in front of the right people. Attain maximum social media penetration by entering targeted and large sites for exposure of your brand. Attain valuable inbound hyperlinks built around the main website homepage and interior pages. Drive traffic, bookmarks, and word of mouth buzz.

What can a successful social media marketing campaign do for your Internet Marketing campaigns?:

  • Increase Brand Awareness with Brand Engagement – more pages viewed.
  • Generate Publicity, positive buzz and word of mouth.
  • Deliver high amounts of traffic to the website.
  • Convert visitors to buyers of products and services.
  • Generate strong inbound link generation which may boost organic search engine rankings over the long term.
  • Facilitate excellent ROI on internet marketing when maximum exposure is reached.

The process for developing a social media campaign:

  • Team brainstorms with the client to come up with relevant concepts.
  • Topic and concept approach finalized agreed by all.
  • Assign article copywriting to client and/or AMWSO Partner Network
  • Draft reviewed / revised if necessary
  • Client approves final copy
  • Webpage Design and Creative layout by them AMWSO Partner Network – necessary graphics and media insertions.
  • Client approves layout in final
  • Upload link-bait content to website
  • Revision instructions by AMWSO Partner Network after upload
  • Submission and Promotion by AMWSO Partner Network to Social Media News Sites, followed by submissions and tagging on StumbleUpon, and niche social media sites.
  • Tracking and reporting – traffic and link building monitoring

Campaign tracking and success:

To determine the success of the strategy we look at site traffic and user/visitor signals like increased inbound hyper-links, RSS subscriptions, email sign-ups and page views. New unique visitors translate to lasting positive impressions, word of mouth, email and link forwards, buzz and sales.

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Pay Per Click PPC Marketing

Paid search advertising aka pay per click is a great way to immediately increase your website traffic and your sales. The AMWSO Partner Network specializes in deep keyword research, organized ad groupings, effective ad copywriting, and accurate bid management, which all have a positive effect on pay per click campaigns on Yahoo and Google.

The benefits of PPC Marketing:

  • With PPC, any website owner can bid on relevant search terms to immediately include the site in sponsored search results.
  • The owner of a new website can open a PPC ad account and begin purchasing search-based ads immediately.
  • Since over 25% of searches trigger a “Sponsored Ad,” PPC traffic can supplement SEO organic traffic.
  • Because PPC advertising allows for precise control of search terms and landing pages, it generates marketing data which can be useful for improving other aspects of online marketing.

Maximize your return on ad spend.

  • Account structure and organization impact ROAS.
  • Quality Score determines ad position, so a higher quality score translates to a lower CPC for a similar ad position. Since ads with higher positions generally earn more clicks, Quality Score can have a significant impact on ROAS.
  • Impression Share determines whether ROAS calculations are applied in absolute terms or relative terms.
  • When Impression Share is at or close to 100%, then measures are taken to increase scope of campaigns.
  • When Impression Share is low, then measures are taken to prioritize campaigns and focus spending on those with the highest ROAS.

What areas of your PPC Campaign do we manage.

  • We work to maximize the ROAS for a designated ad budget, taking into account your emphasis on products or geographic scopes.
  • Deep keyword research, organized ad groupings, effective ad copywriting, conversion tracking and accurate bid management.
  • We analyze performance statistics and makes detailed decisions about account structure and regular maintenance.
  • Responsible for reporting results, evaluating competitive factors, and making recommendations for the continuous improvement of the ad account performance.

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