Rakuten to buy LinkShare


Well it finally happened, long expected and forecast by many, Linkshare is being bought by Japanese firm Rakuten. While many might wonder at it being a Japanese based buyer, for me it makes sense. LinkShare Japan have had a solid run in Japan and have been doing very well, and for a Japanese firm looking to launch a wide range of products into the US market, they are going to look to a network they have tried, Linkshare being the only network that has a solid base in both Japan and the USA.

Many are asking, “how will this effect them”, I don’t see any major ripples coming out of this (maybe a Japan based Symposium if I’m lucky :) ) , other than the network certainly giving some bias towards Rakuten’s propoerties… which does raise the question,¬†which merchants in competing segments are going to want to be on a network owned by a competitor…?