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I don’t believe you can ever start preparing too early for a holiday, making bookings, planning trips, getting visas sorted out and all that goes with it. The same is pretty much true for affiliate marketing and preparing for holidays or events online.

You need to have a good idea of what you are going to promote, where the traffic to promote that item is going to come from, where you are going to send that traffic to see it converted into sales. This can mean a wide range of conversion tests being done as well as negotiating with merchants to get deals, commission increases and creatives that you would like to have.

A rather large number of affiliates, and merchants for that matter, leave it right up until the last moment to announce or present their holiday concepts, and by then, it’s generally too late.

Taking a look at some of the upcoming events and holidays over the next 6 months.  Yes Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, it’s a bit late to start planning for that!

So what else is there worth looking at?

April Fools Day, it might not be a holiday, but is is a date where many people go out of their way to prepare pranks and jokes on their friends, some elaborate, some simple, there’ a good niche here to prepare for in promoting products that are specifically for April Fools day or may well come in handy in preparing the perfect joke!

Wedding Season, while the couples getting married might not think of it as a season, the reality is that most people get married in the same months, while these dates will vary from nation to nation they are generally those months where you can look forward to a good chance of nice weather, no rain and as little wind as possible. While folks certainly do get married all year round, the busiest time of the year (in the US) is May through August.

Back to School, the school holidays have not yet started but it’s good to start looking for good back to school marketing ideas, sales and landing pages. With the kids all moving up a grade, and having lost or used up everything they were bought last year, it’s a time when parents will be buying up all kinds of school (and office style) items for the new school year. Everything from pens to paints to folders to paper punches.

Halloween,  say what! It’s still nine months until Halloween! Yes it is but a people still search for Halloween themed products when they are looking for fancy dress, horror items and related products all year long. While the category certainly does best right before the Halloween holiday it is one of those niches that can do quite well all year round.

So in case you’re in need of some solid pages and products to look at, then we invite you to take a look at the following sections on EachBuyer that target the above;

And just in case you are rushing out some last second changes to your Valentine’s promotions, then please do check out the EachBuyer Valentine’s selection.

Don’t forget EachBuyer offers you the opportunity to promote their products in five languages and ships worldwide!

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