Pre Coded Video via RSS Feeds…


It’s late and it’s the weekend, and I should be in bed, my eye sight is kinda blured, but the truth is there in front of me… I’ve managed to put a Gaiam video into the LinkShare RSS and have it spit out the other side pre-coded with the affiliate link… and I’ve played with the content, updated it, changed it and generally mucked around and it’s still working, still updating in real time and still tracking perfectly. You can check out the sample I threw together here. It is rough and ready. Or log into LinkShare and grab the raw feed Gaiam (TEST) from the RSS section.

And I must admit when the LinkShare RSS for merchants email arrived in my mail box on April 1 I thought it was some ones idea of a really poor joke… especially when I logged in and couldn’t find it.

As it turns out I’ve been able to plug our own custom RSS feeds for merchant news direct into the LinkShare system with no fuss at all and now I have Video. I shouldn’t, but there was nothing else to do at 2 am this morning so I thought I’d have a crack at it before breakfast.

So now it’s working I better work out how we can put this to the best use.