Payment Tip for LinkShare Validation


Seems that just about everyone has some kind of problem getting validated on the new LinkShare system. Problems range from “can’t get validated” to “got validated and then unvalidated” to “got validated but set the wrong payee info and can’t change it”. The later seems to be effecting overseas affiliates more than US affiliates…

So here’s a tip to use if you are stuck with the wrong payee address. While LinkShare work to fix this issue set your Payment Threshold very high, this will stop you getting checks that you can’t cash and having to go through the fun of sending them back to be re-issued. Once the payee issue is fixed then lower your manual threshold.

I’ve also been playing with sub accounts for sub users and this new system on LinkShare is looking really cool the more I play with it. You can effectively create a whole network of sub affiliates with their own acccounts under your master account. The payment is sent to the master account and from their you could pay out to your sub affiliates… pretty neat for people who want to act as mentors and train up sub affiliates and retain a cut of the revenue as their trainees develop.

Meanwhile over on CJ, I was marginally surprised to see that after we rejected Ebates from our new merchant their that CJ (not Ebates) sent an email to the client asking for clarification… Wow CJ! You mean having them target our organic traffic and domain name is actually value added!!” I think not… granted if Ebates had contacted us directly I’d have been less surprised, still would have said no, but the speed at which we were contacted to ask to reconsider means that I doubt Ebates even knew they had been rejected before CJ were asking for them to be let back in.

There is most likely a place for Ebates in marketing, but it’s not in Affiliate Marketing.