Pay Per Click Marketing

Pay Per Click Marketing

Paid search advertising aka pay per click is a great way to immediately increase your website traffic and your sales. The AMWSO Partner Network specializes in deep keyword research, organized ad groupings, effective ad copywriting, and accurate bid management, which all have a positive effect on pay per click campaigns on Yahoo and Google.

The benefits of PPC Marketing:

  • With PPC, any website owner can bid on relevant search terms to immediately include the site in sponsored search results.
  • The owner of a new website can open a PPC ad account and begin purchasing search-based ads immediately.
  • Since over 25% of searches trigger a “Sponsored Ad,” PPC traffic can supplement SEO organic traffic.
  • Because PPC advertising allows for precise control of search terms and landing pages, it generates marketing data which can be useful for improving other aspects of online marketing.

Maximize your return on ad spend.

  • Account structure and organization impact ROAS.
  • Quality Score determines ad position, so a higher quality score translates to a lower CPC for a similar ad position. Since ads with higher positions generally earn more clicks, Quality Score can have a significant impact on ROAS.
  • Impression Share determines whether ROAS calculations are applied in absolute terms or relative terms.
  • When Impression Share is at or close to 100%, then measures are taken to increase scope of campaigns.
  • When Impression Share is low, then measures are taken to prioritize campaigns and focus spending on those with the highest ROAS.

What areas of your PPC Campaign do we manage.

  • We work to maximize the ROAS for a designated ad budget, taking into account your emphasis on products or geographic scopes.
  • Deep keyword research, organized ad groupings, effective ad copywriting, conversion tracking and accurate bid management.
  • We analyze performance statistics and makes detailed decisions about account structure and regular maintenance.
  • Responsible for reporting results, evaluating competitive factors, and making recommendations for the continuous improvement of the ad account performance.

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