Pay Loadz … or not as the case may be


So being a Godin fan I bought the book, of course using an affiliate link to see how well things went at PayLoadz. I can safely say that if Seth is dissapointed about the amount of affiliate sales he is getting (reported) then he really needs to check the tracking by PayLoadz, one click direct to Pay Pal… no side trips no coffee breaks between clicks … and nothing was tracked or reported… On top of that it is a royal pain to track down where the sales info is even displayed. No click reports listed either, so any affiliate working with PayLoadz really is working blind. That’s if you can be bothered to check Product by product the sales info as their is no consolidated report…

So after giving Seth’s new ebook on web design a brief look over, I can conclude that PayLoadz really do need to read it… that’ll be one network I certainly don’t work with ( So I got a nice eBook and a tip on where never to take clients, all for $9, thanks Seth! )

A couple of neat things about Seth’s new book; the first that being promoted as an ‘incomplete’ book on web design, Seth is offering to promote any additions that people send him for the book. So it should gradually develop into a rather neat collection of guidelines from some key people in the industry. The second thing being that if you can’t stretch to $9 now, it’ll be availalble for Free in September.