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Patronomy Crowd Funding Platform.

Patronomy has launched one of the first Affiliate Marketing Programs for Crowd Funding that goes beyond just the development of leads for projects. What’s the most important part of launching a Crowd Funding Campaign? Getting Backers for a project, connect with enough backers and you will succeed.

So what’s the biggest challenge most project owners face? They simply don’t know, or can’t reach, enough people!

Nigel Roth is the founder of and his Crowd Funding Platform has developed his platform with the core concept that Affiliate Marketing is at their main approach, to firstly to bring  projects to the site and then reward affiliates for bringing backers to those projects.

Affiliates are experts in reaching target audiences in almost any vertical. The larger networks get millions of impressions a day, so it’s really a no-brainer to look to harness the skills and reach that affiliate can bring to crowd funding.

AMWSO is very excited to have the Patronomy Crowdfund Platform on board. Both the lead generation and backer funding Affiliate Programs are managed by AMWSO. The Project Referral Program is run on the Sharesale Network while the backer funding system is run through an inhouse system that is fully integrated into the funding platform.  More details can be found on the website.

Key Insights of the Program.

Sharasale Exclusive Program,

The affiliate program for bringing in new projects to the platform is run exclusively on the Shareasale Network. Choosing a network for the program was not a simple task, with no networks presently carrying any similar programs there were no easy pathways to follow. Patronomy opted for Shareasale on the basis of the fast support they offer and the cost effective price structure that they offer.

The Patronomy Crowd Funding Platform

Patronomy is a Crowd Funding platform with the key difference that Affiliate Marketing is at the core of their approach to how they drive projects to their site and then also pay Affiliates for bringing backers to those projects.

Patronomy provides Project Owners with far more support than most other Crowd Funding platforms. Before launch, during campaigns, and in an ongoing long term partnership. Patronomy believes in supporting their project owners in all aspects of their business, from the first stages of project presentation through to the final stages of delivery logistics and ongoing sales.

Why Join Patronomy

Patronomy offers a baseline $25 USD per valid lead that registers with the platform. While not every project may Patronomy Affiliate Programbe accepted or go ahead, if the lead is valid and results in an initial free consultation, then commission is payable. Then for each project that is launch, affiliates can expect to earn between 7 to 10% of pledges that you direct to the project from backers.

The affiliate program also offers;

  • Professional and consistently updated banner and text links
  • Dedicated affiliate manager to answer any of your questions
  • 30 day referral cookies and extensive tracking dashboard

You will find more information on the support and faqs pages here.

Who should join

  • Crowdfund Marketing Help, blogs, News and PR
  • Consultation and Training for Start-ups
  • Crowdfunding review, comparison sites
  • Professional crowdfunding blogs
  • Listing and rating of the top crowdfunding marketing services
  • Blogs , News on crowd sourcing market research.

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