OPM Firms as a stabilizing force..


The thought of “Corporate Stability via OPM Firms” had never crossed my mind, but the other day one of the AMWSO team came to me and said: “My contact at the clients end is leaving for a new job, he introduced me to his replacement last night, 4th one in three years.”

And that’s when it struck me: I looked over all our corporate clients and sure enough, every one has had at least three changes in staff and management in the time we’ve worked with them! So that’s three chances for:

  • Knowledge to be lost.
  • Down-time for training up new staff.
  • Lost continuity with affiliates.
  • Lost contacts and relationships.
  • And more I am sure.

I never really saw OPMs as a “stability” factor in large firms before, but looking at their high turn over rate of staff, it becomes obvious that many firms rely on their outsourced partners (of any kind really) for stability, just as much as they do for their professional skills. An OPM firm can provide continuity in the area of expertise, like for example, AMWSO does for the affiliate channel. It’s a very solid value-add factor which I hadn’t really thought about until now.