Online shopping during office hours


A great info graphic from our friends at While it is focused on the Australian market, I would imagine most of the data rings true for online shopping during office hours in most places around the world. It’s become so common place that people even have their purchases delivered to the office! A survey from 520 respondents living and working in Australia has shown that many office workers shop online because they are bored, and they don’t really think about or care about how the boss feels about it.

Shopping at Work

Shopping at Work in Australia a survey by

Guilt free shopping at work: your colleagues aren’t bothered by it (but watch out for your boss!)

60% of Australian consumers research and/or purchase during office hours

Online shopping during office hours is totally accepted among the working population of Australia. A nationwide research among 520 respondents, conducted by the leading global money saving website, shows that 60% of Australians research or shop online at the office.

48% of Australians feel comfortable with having their goods delivered to the office and although 33% feel that online shopping in company time is inappropriate, only 1% of Australians feel personally bothered by the workshy behaviour of their colleagues.

When people get bored at work they are more likely to start shopping. 75% of Australians admitted that this was the case. “Online shopping during office hours has become a norm for employees, and although this might not please some CEO’s, it is a sign of how times have changed. With more people in more demanding jobs, shopping online is an easy way for people to save precious time in their personal lives, and doing this during work hours means there’s no need for people to sit in front of a screen after they have finished work”, Ashley Howe, country manager of Australia says.

Shop online at the office? “I’m not bothered by it !” Colleagues say

Online shopping at the office has become completely normal for consumers. 67% of the survey respondents said it doesn’t bother them when they see their colleagues shopping online at work. 1 in 3 Australians (33%) find online shopping during office hours inappropriate, but only 1% feel personally offended by it.

48% have their online orders delivered at the office

48% of Australians have their orders delivered to the office. Howe: “It seems that almost half of online shoppers don’t care about how the boss feels about online shopping in the office, they try to do it on the sly, or they assume that the boss doesn’t mind.”