New Year and New Clients


Well 2008 is done and dusted. An interesting year over all, could have been better but overall it wasn’t a bad year. We took on a range of new exiting clients and it’ll be great to see them growing in 2009.

January we have a couple of new clients launching with AMWSO. Starting with Organic Bouquet, which kind of started in December but will be really powering up as we head towards Valentines and more “flower giving” focused events. Then we have Beer Machine, which is a very cool, “Beer Brewing” kit and machine. I bought one for my Dad for his birthday and he loved it, so we’re really hyped to be working with Ian and Colin atBeerMachine, incredibly we’ve been talking together with tjhem for 2 years! The progam will be running in the UK, USA and Canada initially.

Our other launch for January, is Elance, a firm I imagine just about every affiliate is familiar with, eLance will be launching a brand new program in January on an inhouse platform.