Merit Making Time


My wife is very religious and believes in making merit to ensure that the family stays healthy and fit… one might think that with the number of accidents Alex has suffered that it isn’t working…but that wouldn’t be true as on all other fronts life is good, business grows and everyone is fine…. just that we haven’t found the specific merit making ceremony to prevent Alex from running into things :)

So Monday was a day off from the office as we had all the neighbors round to enjoy the merit making out our house. Not 100% sure what is being said and done for about 90% of the event, I must admit that I generally sit in and go with the flow. This is the first major merit making we’ve done since we moved in to the new house (other than birthdays where we all head down to the temple in the mornings) , and we’re looking forwards to renewed good fortune in 2005…which of course is good for everyone else we work with, because if I’m doing well, then they must surely be doing well too :D

Pictures and sound clips to follow on the forums.