Maybe I’m the odd one out?


Twitter… I have to say, that I’m still in “what’s the fuss”, and “who cares if I woke up at 9:15 this morning and had 3 rashers of bacon, beans and two eggs (sunny side up) for breakfast”, then at 9:27 AM “had a shower a cup of coffee and cleaned my teeth”, though maybe I should break that down into multiple twitts, twerps, posts or what ever they are called to ensure no one thinks I did all three at the same time, maybe I did, I can’t remember, perhaps I need Twitter to help me remember what I did each day!

However it seems the rest of the world can’t get enough, and yes I admit, I do have an account, which gets update once every month when Google Chat says “Hey you haven’t posted on Twitter for ages bud!”, though it’s not nudged me for some time (perhaps it gave up on me) , worse I do have people who are fans, followers, tweetie birds, etc and follow my every move, I bet most of them believe I’m in traction!

I know Dave here at AMWSO (big Twitter Fan) did post some time back about the joys of communicating with affiliates via Twitter and the like, and I’m not one to bash any method of getting a message out, but heck, is anyone really sitting, watching and waiting for the next tweet message. Do they want business messages mixed in with “Woke up and have a headache after last nights pubcon!” Me no, I’m not a believer. Though perhaps if I was following the development of say, a piece of software, it would be useful to get updates via twitter. Or better yet if I can’t get to the football match, then someone can sms to their tweet account all the action for me to follow at home. Could always check the developer blog / web site, or watch the football on TV though, for far better results.

Anyway what brought me around to chatting about Twitter is some new tools around that make it easier to manage and track both your own and other people’s messages. As I’m a novice user and totally clueless as to which are any good I’ll not blather on any further, but suggest popping over to Sukosak’s blog and see what he has to say and recommend for those of you who are keen Twitter Users.