Macau Affiliate Convention Day Zero


Well it’s a nice easy 2 and half hour flight from Bangkok to Macau and this is also my first visit to Macau. And so far I’m well impressed. Landing early, it was a 30 to 40 metre walk from the planes steps to the customs counter, cleared in 10 minutes, and out to the shuttle bus in 5 more. The bus left 10 minutes later and the hotel is so close to the airport I could probably have walked there in that time. The hotel (The Venetian) is huge. It’s not big, or is huge..and took longer to queue to check in that it did to land clear customs and get to the hotel.

Then I got lost trying to find my room, the instructions were simple enough, go straight turn right before the casino floor and take the lift to the 10th floor. I must have taken an early right and did a tour of the out wings before finding the right lift. Discovered ABBA are playing here next week in the process though!

The rooms, are all suites and are lavish, you could put a family of 10 in one room and have room to spare for sports. Wireless Internet in all rooms, TVs, Giant Bed, bathroom (bigger than some rooms I’ve stayed in) the living room and bed room are split by a mezzanine floor style layout. The floor plan is on the left.

I think I’d need an extra day to just explore the hotel.

Anyway the event starts tomorrow, so I have this evening to track down a few fellow attendees and see who has lost their marketing budget playing games of Casino War, Baccarat, Fan Tan, Caribbean Stud, Sic Bo and Yee Hah Hai… games I’m sure everyone knows all too well, okay they have Black Jack, Roulette (US Style Tables), Three Card Poker (Called Bragg in the UK) as well as the slot machines.

Right enough for day zero, more tomorrow once the event starts!