Macau Affiliate Convention Day Two


Okay I overslept and missed the first session, but certainly enjoyed the next few sessions which dealt with issues such as payment solutions in China, the China Lottery and online gaming in Greater China. The most topical for me being the presentation on payments, presented by Chen Yu fromĀ Yee Pay. A surprising fact that was raised was credit card penetration, which is a maximum of around 5 million cards, of which maybe 2 million are active, on the other hand Bank Debit cards have a penetration of 20 Billion (with a B) . The great distrust between buyers and sellers for online products is still very strong, but gradually being broken down by firms like YeePay, Alipay and 99Bill which are showing consumers that there are trustworthy payment solutions. As well as in areas where the purchase is for online services such as MMORPGs, electronic deliverables and the like.

The final event of the day an the show was the Beer Panel which featured 6 of us from a wide range of backgrounds and industries fielding questions on a wide range of topics, from fraud in Asia to what areas are affiliates in Asia doing well in, to affiliate training and what are the emerging markets in Asia, and in what commerce areas.

All in all it was a great event. A great job by Mark Lesnick and his team to put this first Macau affiliate event together and I certainly look forwards to the next one!