Macau Affiliate Convention Day One


Well my first surprise of the day was how many people are here, I guess I’d been expecting 50 or so, but there around 150 to 200 folks here from as far afield as the USA, Australia, Cyprus, Israel and all over Asia. A very solid turn out for the first event. A lot of the attendees and most of the exhibitors and gaming firms, but a lot of presentations are retail and general affiliate focused. An interesting mix for sure.

Certainly for me it was very educational to hear some of the China based presentations, especially from key note speaker, Shimizu Yoichi fromAdways, getting an insight into what markets are working on in the region and what are not as well as how advertisers are using affiliate networks with the very slow change from CPM/CPC based ad runs towards CPL and CPA. Also regarding the restrictions in online gaming on the region that prevent the major gaming firms from moving very quickly into the market.

Mobile marketing has a very big roll in for networks and publishers , especially in Japan, apparently around 20% of all network Adway marketing is through mobile devices.

My 101 Session was not hugely packed, the majority of affiliates here being experienced folks who are already successful enough to fly from all corners of the world to join the event. I did have one heckler in the back row, who we almost had to throw out, I managed to fail to recognize David Wolf fromSyntryx  :-) , much to his amusement. Luckily I recognized everyone else that I have had chance to meet or talk with before.

Probably the best session of the day though (for me anyway) was the presentation by Monte Cahn of , it was an eye opening lesson in “domain real estate” and the reality that investing in a good domain is likely to bring in faster and better return than just about any other investment a person can make in any business. Looks like the new car is going to have to wait!

I finally found the river / canal that the hotel promotes as having “in” the hotel, much to my surprise and wonder, it is on the 3rd floor. You can take a gondola ride through the Venetian style shopping arcade of some 100+ shops. Pretty impressive!