LinkShare Revise Premier Status


The sparkle of being a LinkShare Premier merchant became something of a zero factor over the past few years as the ground rules were not applied and anyone could become a premier merchant and know that even being 4 months late on commission payments wouldn’t effect that status, affiliates new this too and the whole Permier Status flopped.

Now in a move to bring the “premier” back into Premier Partner Status a new set of requirements has been set

  • Transaction inquiries are 100 percent resolved within 10 business days
  • Use LinkShare’s affiliate payment service.
  • Prompt authorization of affiliate payments so affiliates are paid at the end of the following month.
  • Seven or more return days (does not apply to merchants with pay-per-click programs).
  • Valid and complete contact information in your profile.
  • Active and in good standing with LinkShare.

The new addition being the clearing of transaction inquiries, good addition as I know from experience it’s very easy to overlook that part of the LinkShare system, though that could be resolved if LinkShare implemented an Email Alert for it.

Good Changes? To be honest it won’t matter if they are not enforced and if LinkShare don’t enforce this, even for their biggest clients, then it will remain as meaningless as it has been the past couple of years.