John Burns his house down…


John should be posting this but he’s left it to me to pass on this rather funny little story (Okay his house didn’t actually burn down, else it wouldn’t be awful funny¬†).

John’s family live up in the North of Thailand and he pops home weekends and holidays. Every trip him he endeavours to “get a bit of something done”, and last week it was all about getting a new washing machine in. So after spending the day comparing stats on spins per second, max weight, how white white and other mind numbing data he selected the machine that fell into the “About the right price” and plunked down the cash.

Next day machine arrives with “Electrician/plumber” to set it up, after an hour of fiddling and playing with stuff the “Electrician/plumber” declared the job done, demonstrated that turning it on would in fac start the machine and went home.

John, fancying himself as a bit of a handyman, took one look at the electrics and thought he better rip it all out, put in new plugs and wiring. Several hot hours later it was all done, nice new cables, new plugs, sockets the lot, wonderful job finished under the 45 degree celcius sun…. just needed to test it….

Now John claims that at this that the sun got so hot that it was infact the sun that caused the the eletrical cables to then catch fire, shooting flames and sparks from the side of the house as the cable burst into flames and headed towards to ceiling…. after a second of utter amazement John reacted rather nimbely and pulled the circuit breaker…but not before the entire fuse board blew taking out aircon, water and high speed internet.

Things that might have run through ones mind at that point might have ranged from “Gosh that was lucky!” to “Cripes I need a beer” to “Aaaaaaaaaaagh”…. what was John’s thought…. “Crap there goes my Internet connection!” :D

Spent the rest of the weekend at an Internet cafe doing a rocketing 56k.