iolo Affiliate Program : Five ways to better promote iolo technologies.

boxshot-smp is best known for the System Mechanic software, which after over 15 years of development is, at the time of writing, on version 12.5 . For over 5 years iolo has relied upon AMWSO to manage, develop and grow their affiliate program.

So we’re going to take a look at some of the key areas of success that we are seeing from the program starting with some of the ways that our affiliate partners promote and pre-sell the iolo products.

Video ::  iolo has a growing selection of just under 30 videos that affiliates can use on the sites to promote the products. Some of these were created by affiliates as part of a contest run by iolo. Using  the professionally produced video files available through the iolo YouTube channel can vastly improve conversion.

Content ::  Software can be hard to write about, there are often so many things to cover, and going deep into a product can require a lot of time and effort, more so if you’re not yourself a very technically minded person.  iolo offers a wide selection of articles that are filly available for partners to rewrite or re-purpose for use on their web sites. The iolo article bank covers everything from getting started with System Mechanic through to tips on registry optimization. Solid content that can serve as both good marketing material and a great way to drive higher conversion.

Graphics::  As the saying goes, a picture’s worth a thousand words, and the same is true when presenting the interface of System Mechanic. Rather than trying to describe it, use the screenshots, box shots and other great graphic media that is available for System Mechanic and the whole iolo product range from the Media Kits section of the iolo website.

Trials :: It’s rare that someone will want to put down their money for a piece of software without first giving it a bit of trial run, so make sure you feature the trial download of the iolo products on your site. Linking to the Trial downloads of iolo’s software will ensure that prospective buyers get a good chance to experience what the software can do.

Data :: For some interesting fresh content make sure to take a look at, and make use of the data available through iolo LABS. Founded in 2001 as the independent research arm of iolo technologies, iolo Labs aims to understand issues in personal computer performance and stability through scientific study.

Take some time to check these areas out and we’re sure you’ll find some valuable content on ideas that will make your promotion of iolo more effective, driving more clicks and a better conversion rate!

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