Canadian Affiliate Marketing Networks

The following is a list of Canada focused Affiliate Marketing Networks that support English, and in some cases French, as well as Canadian Dollar Paymouts. If you run an affiliate network in Canada that is not listed please do let us know so that we can add you to the list.

AdCanadian Inc. An exclusively Canadian ad network, dedicated to producing results for both advertisers and affiliates on a CPA (Cost per Acquisition) basis within Canada. This means that advertisers only pay when a lead is generated. Whether you are looking to penetrate the Canadian market and looking for Canadian traffic, or if you are looking to monetize existing Canadian traffic, AdCanadian is the place to be!

Canadian Sponsors Canadian Sponsors goal is to bring Canadian focused advertising to the marketplace offering advertisers competitive rates while providing as high as possible payouts to their affiliates.

LinkShare Canada LinkShare pioneered online affiliate marketing, and today runs one of the largest pay for performance affiliate marketing network on the Internet. Network access to the USA, Canada and Japan.

Share Results Canada An online affiliate marketing network. They provide the software, support and management services to help merchants drive targeted web traffic and sales to their retail websites. Network access to the USA, Canada and the UK.

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