Australian / New Zealand / APAC Affiliate Marketing Networks

The following is a list of Australia / APAC focused Affiliate Marketing Networks. If you run an affiliate network in Australia that is not listed please do let us know so that we can add you to the list. This listing is in the order the networks were added.

S.L.I.C.E. DigitalS.L.I.C.E. Digital is the New Zealand affiliate network.  We are based in, and focussed on, the New Zealand affiliate market and have a wide range of NZ retailers and NZ service providers with exclusive NZ affiliate programs running through the S.L.I.C.E. Digital platform.

Check My Stats Australia An online provider of performance based marketing and sales solutions. Network access to the UK, USA and Australia.

clixGalore Australia Offers five scaled levels of Affiliate recruitment and promotional services to our Merchants. Network access to the USA, Japan, Australia, India and the UK.

Commission Monster A well established company hosting large numbers of quality merchants and affiliates. Are a recognised leader in performance based marketing solutions and operate on a pay for performance model.

CoProsper CoProsper was founded by a group of marketing executives who had been in the ‘affiliate game’ since the late 1990s. By being involved on all sides of the fence, as merchants, affiliates and affiliate program managers we were exposed both to the successes of affiliate programs as well as their shortcomings. The knowledge of what merchants and affiliates require, has enabled them to develop CoProsper.

dgmAustralia A wholly owned subsidiary of Deal Group Media Plc. The Company’s principal activity is delivering ROI focused strategies through affiliate marketing, search engine marketing and display inventory either as individual channels or as a complete solution. Globally, dgm provides services to more than 250 blue-chip clients and agencies with over 100 staff. Utilising powerful software, dgm has the ability to trace a consumer’s activity online to a specific advertisement placed on a specific channel. Therefore, regardless of the pricing model or channel used, dgm can report on the direct correlation between advertising spend and consumer take-up. In Australia this is the most complete performance based online advertising model available.

The Affiliate Gateway  A performance-based digital ad network in Australia/APAC. On a Cost-Per-Acquisition basis, TAG offers a cost-effective digital advertising solution to businesses in Australia and the wider Asia Pacific region.

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