Hypnosis Network In-House Affiliate Program Launch


Hi Everyone!

Happy New Year 2008!! I’m Allen Miller and I wanted to tell you that AMWSO is taking on a new merchant that I’m sure you’ll be excited about.

The company is called The Hypnosis Network, and they are the premiere publisher of recorded hypnosis sessions for weight loss, smoking cessation, and general self improvement.

We know that your initial reaction to hypnosis might that it is hokey, new age, or something like that.

We felt the same way at first. But after doing our due diligence on this company we found their programs to be opposite of this. The programs are professional, the research is compelling, and most importantly to you… The programs sell really well and the commissions are outstanding!!!

They are definitely the premiere player in their space and have done it through quality, honesty and integrity.

Their weight loss product is endorsed by Dr. Joe Mercola, Dr. Al Sears, The National Health and Wellness Magazine and countless others. It is a perfect complement to exercise programs, eating programs, and the other programs you have been promoting through AMWSO.

And for the month of January we are going to give a bonus of $20 for your first sale.

Here are some more details:

- FREE sign up

- Earn 25% – 40% commissions per sale

- Return Days – 180 days

- Ability to register your domains to earn commissions without adding your affiliate code to links.

- Affiliate Support – dedicated affiliate program management team, support pages and real people to help you succeed!

We provide you with the following tools to help you better promote the Hypnosis Network program:

- Affiliate Support and Information Site

- Dedicated support team to help you make the most of the program

- Prompt response times to your emails and enquiries

- Content Support to customize a solution that meets your needs

- On demand creative – usually within 48 hours

For more information, you can visit : http://www.hypnosisnetwork.com/partners/affiliates

Click here to join!

I look forward to working with you all soon!


P.S. Here are some additional references:

Hypnosis Network awarded HON Certification

Better Business Bureau