Going Global, one nation at a time…


Well it would appear my desire to see some Asian networks (outside of Japan) running will soon be fufilled if any of the emails I am getting are to be believed (ClixGalore and Zanox both saying “China Coming Soon” and Zanox having a large part of it’s funding coming from Asia) , however to me they generally all (other than Zanox) seem to have the same issue, that being, seperate affiliate and merchant accounts for seperate nations.

LinkShare and several others are already in Japan with fully not integrated solutions, tough luck if you want to easily roll out your program from the US/UK/Oz to Japan.

Which for me makes no sense at all (but from a programming sense of course is way easier) If I have a client runing in across the APAC region I don’t want to have to sign up for 10 different accounts just so I can promote in Japan, Australia, China, Thailand, Singapore and so on, no matter what sales spin a network might think they can sell me on. I want one access, where I can dynamically select the language of the admin system upon entry (and set a default per user account) and see the data I need in the language I choose.

Ultimately the network that wins in Asia is going to be the one that gives the best fully integrated solution across the region.

On the affiliate front to, affiliates will want to be able to access all active countries via a single login, select a language and grab banners for their Hong Kong or Singapore or Korean site in a flash. Assuming Affiliates will operate only within their own country is short sighted and will again mean the best network will be the one that gives the simplest access to all countries.

Of course with the massive amount of affiliate fraud that comes out of Asia is certainly going to be a major challange for any network. Seeing how networks solve this will be interesting… time for an Asia Pacific Affiliate Event maybe.