EPPS Launches ISO B2B Affiliate Program Through CJ.com

EPPS Launches ISO B2B Affiliate Program Through CJ.com

Launching with AMWSO on Commission Junction, this exciting B2B affiliate program partnership opportunity has the following key features.

To enroll in the EPPS B2B Affiliate Program, please click here, or contact james.nardell@epps.eu for more information. You can also check out this page on the AMWSO site to learn about the EPPS affiliate program, and what it offers partners. The latest EPPS affiliate newsletter was recently sent out which will provide you with a background into ISO Standards, the benefits [to prospects] of ISO Standards, EPPS key products, and why ISO certification is NOT just for big business. Do check it out!

EPPS Key Products

About EPPS

EPPS specializes in managing websites that support companies during the implementation of various standards and frameworks. EPPS has grown to become the world’s top provider of online training, tutorials and documentation for ISO 27001 and ISO 22301 (information security and business continuity standards), and also manages websites related to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 20000 and ITIL. By creating industry-leading products, EPPS has acquired numerous clients in almost 100 countries worldwide.

Our mission. To provide online skills, knowledge and know-how for companies that want to comply with various frameworks, and for professionals working on such projects. We want to provide full implementation solutions to our customers, so that they gain the confidence to execute such projects via the Do-It-Yourself approach.