EachBuyer Affiliate Marketing Expansion.


EachBuyer recently brought Affiliate Marketing Professionals AMWSO on board to assist with the growth of their affiliate program. However unlike many programs on the market the key challenge facing EachBuyer was not about how to grow their US affiliate channel sales, but how to take advantage of the sales they are seeing from markets outside the US, especially in Germany and the UK.

While the importance of the US channel can not be ignored, one of the big focus points heading in to 2014 will be setting up affiliate programs to work with affiliates that target Europe, which has led to a lot of research and discussion on where the programs should be launched, or in the case of the US, expanded to.

Right now AMWSO is working on expanding the product data feed from the present 30,000 products to 50,000, as well as adding product level commissions. We already have an incentive base commission plan, but we’re going to be offering even higher commission on specific product categories where we can afford to do so! The warehouse stock process will also be adding a system to focus on our top publishers best selling products so that EachBuyer can ensure that what our top partners are selling, is always available

Additionally, we’ll be refreshing and improving the banner creative, and consolidating our public coupons and deals. We’re also making available custom and vanity coupons for those partners who are most engaged to work with EachBuyer .

EachBuyer has warehouses in Germany, USA, UK, Australia along with Spain opening very soon. Meaning that they can provide a  very short  shipping time of 1-2 days to the core target countries, which is obviously very attractive for customers and on top of this offers free shipping worldwide. AMWSO will be working with EachBuyer to make sure that most of the best selling products in the affiliate channel are stocked in the appropriate corresponding warehouses. Early in to 2014 EachBuyer will also be launching a more localized version of each national site to ensure buyers get a far better local focused experience.

In terms of US Expansion it most likely that EachBuyer will be launching on Commission Junction in the coming weeks. While this will be a mostly US focused launch, we will also be taking advantage of Commission Junction’s reach into the European nations that they cover.

By around the middle of 2014 the aim will be to have the EachBuyer affiliate program operating in eight core target nations around the world, and still be aiming to expand further to use affiliate marketing to each new markets around the world.

EachBuyer is presently live on Shareasale, but stay tuned for news on our further program offers as we head towards and into 2014.


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