Digging Deeper into the Affiliate Webspace with Syntryx


Affiliate marketing companies are starting to wake up to Syntryx, the game-changing data analysis tool that’s been on the scene for over a year. A powerful data collection and mining tool, Syntryx allows users to scour the web sphere for high performing existing affiliates and potential affiliate targets.

What does Syntryx do?

The great thing about Syntryx: it is actually a search engine and web crawler. It crawls the web with an eye out for things affiliate recruiters, media buyers, and SEO experts would be specifically looking for. However, that’s only part of the value, once all of the data is collected in the Syntryx database, powerful data mining and analysis tools are provided that allow users to judge the force (reach/traffic/value) of a domain, identify all the domains held by a particular webmaster or company, analyze what other offers or programs are being promoted on an affiliate’s site, and this is just scratching the surface.

How can users benefit from using Syntryx?

It is pretty easy to dive straight in and started mining the database for affiliate sites in particular program niches. AMs can target sites that already have affiliate links based on keywords the site ranks for, or even search for same/similar niche specific affiliate links anywhere in web sphere. All affiliate managers know the well-known top affiliate sites, but now Syntryx allows affiliate managers to see if a particular affiliate has another less well-known niche site that might fit perfectly with a particular program niche. These are just a couple uses specifically related to affiliate marketing. Affiliate managers can now also provide valuable information to clients useful in  competitor analysis, SEO and paid search campaigns.

For our own clients we certainly see the value extracted from this tool when combined with expert and experienced analysis provided by AMWSO managers. We know our investment will be quickly returned with interest.