Deposit Checks over the Net


Maybe I’m just slow to catch on to this, (Apparently this process has been legal since 2004) but I came across a rather interesting, time saving system today that allows you to deposit checks over the Internet. So if you’re one of those lucky affiliates that gets lots of checks from lots of different networks and inhouse programs then this could be a nice time (and paper saver) from having to fill out multiple deposit slips and spending time standing in bank queues. The software is designer to handle 50 checks a day on “online mode” and can handle more in an offline system which uses a batch process to scan and send the checks.

And if you’re really wracking up the checks, Then the Panini MyVisionX is available in models
that scan 30, 60 or 90 checks per minute!!

The DepositNow system works with any U.S. bank account, (sadly no International support, else I’d be totally raving about it) so no need to set up new accounts. The scanners (you need a special scanner for electronic deposits) also doubles as a normal scanner for docs and photos so it’ doesn’t need to just sit on the shelf doing nothing between checks. The scanners run for around $225+ each. There’s a guide to scanners you can use.

One thing that’s not shown is the price of using the DepositNow system, “we cannot tell the price for certain until you begin to input your business data” , the FAQ says. Anyway check out the online demo to see if it’s for you.