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Brian from put together a nice file that covers the structure of the SAS data feed as well as offering a few tips on managing a food feed. While the format tips are specific to the SAS feed , the tips can be applied to any data feed that you are setting up for your affiliates.

Product Datafeed Best Practices

Product Datafeed Best Practices

Datafeeds account for a full 5-10% of all conversions tracked on ShareASale… which means that if you aren’t providing your Affiliates a detail-rich datafeed with which to work, you are leaving sales on the table.

Here are a few more things to consider from the AMWSO team;

Even if your feed never changes, keep updating it into the affiliate system, this way new affiliates won’t see a data feed that is 3 years old and not updated. So even if you only add one new product a year, update your feed at least once a month so that your affiliate partners know that it is up to date

When possible run multiple feeds. Certainly a feed of 30,000 products is great, however a feed of your top 30 selling products is also a great data set for affiliates to be able to easily collect.

If you run a program that targets multiple nations make sure you run a separate feed for each nation, and be careful of mixing up languages and target nations. A French language feed might look like it can cover every country that speaks French…but the currency you display is going to need to be adjusted for each nation. English is easily overlooked on this front!

If you have a sale price for products then make sure that is available too. Allow your partners to be able to display the full price and the sale price.

Finally make sure your product descriptions are clean. importing HTML code or content direct from an excel sheet can lead to all kinds of formatting issues for your affiliate partners. So make sure the code is as clean as possible, don’t make your affiliates have to work to make your data useful!

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