Coupon Formats and other tools


Well last week we finally launched our Coupond Data Feed System for affiliates and merchants, feed back so far has been good, and we’ve had a number of very good ideas sent to us on what new features we need, as one person pointed out, with some very minimal tweaking the XML export would be become and excellent coupon RSS. So anyway with it now live it’s a matter of growing it slowly and making sure everything runs in perfect order.

The ultimatele aim is to provide affiliates with coupons in a standard format, all coupons from all merchants in a format that they can easily manipulate without having to do any manual editing of the data. So far so good, presently we’re supporting exports to CSV, Tab, Pipe and XML.

On the point of data cleaning, our Product Data Cleaner hit version 2.8 this week, many thanks to Mike and Maurice for their feedback and extreme testing, we’re looking to do a few more little changes and then launch the next version as 3.0

Both tools are 100% free for merchants and affiliates.