Communication and The Affiliate List


Communication with affiliate partners is always fun, what’s too much, what’s too little, how to contact them in the first place and why the heck do they never reply to things like this;

“Hi Jimmy (not his real name :)  ) , you’ve sent 750 clicks this month promoting Tae Bo to a page that doesn’t promote those products, in fact we don’t even sell Tae Bo , you’re better off sending them to another merchant called”

Yep we’d rather he send traffic to some one else and make money than send them to us and not make money…. but still the clicks keep coming….

Three attempts, no joy, granted we’re using Commission Junction’s stunted communication platform, internal ( aka Trash Bin) only and no contact info … so we thought we’d ask CJ for their help to get us contact with the affiliate “Oh no can’t do that, against the rules that is, but we’ll follow up” Yea right, but not in the way we want to or plan to even if it is done.

Well obviously I’m missing the point, because this affiliate who has a good site, is burning money on a dead end, and helping doesn’t seem to be in anyone’s best interest… more and better ways to communicate with affiliates are needed, though some would argue that they’d rather not hear from an AM at all unless they ask to be.

Which brings along an interesting new product from Jeff Molander… The Affiliate List which everyone knows affiliates are going to have issues with as it is packed with all the contact info that Affiliate Managers are eager to get their hands on and many affiliates would rather they didn’t have. The list contains not only contact info but also details on how and where affiliates market, how well they do, what areas they focus on and whether they use software / BHOs to do their “marketing”. All good stuff for AMs.

Certainly sure to catapult Jeff to the exhaulted position of Most hated Personality in Affiliate Marketing, “I hate Jeff Molander” Merchandise is on sale already ! The big question to be asked is how will Shawn Collins react ? Get your “I hate Jeff Molander” Merchandise in Vegas now…

… talking of Vegas , as I suffer from a lack of Visa, the Vegas Affiliate summit is well underway…. Vancouver Canada for 2006! Vote Now! From all reports it is going very well and I hope to get a few more links to plug as details and pictures surface.